Multi Purpose Terminal

Mobile Money International Sdn Bhd (Mobile Money) was established in February 2005 and currently has a paid up capital of RM25 million.

Mobile Money is an electronic payment service provider under the supervision of Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) and is permitted by Bank Negara to operate e-wallet on May 2006 pursuant to Section 25(1) of the Payment System Act 2003, Remittance Service via e-money pursuant to Section 10 of the Exchange Control Act 1953 and Call to Park Service via e-money pursuant to Section 13.1(iii) of the E Money Guideline.

Please refer to BNM’s Website ( for the Permission

Merchants is an individual or a company that operates legal business and register with SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia / Companies Commission of Malaysia). It is a compulsory that all merchants must have premises in order to ensure that the merchant is eligible to participate in community loyalty program.
A terminal will be installed in the merchants premise in order to ensure that cardholders can enjoy loyalty and payment facilities.Ezeelink logo will be displayed outside premise for the sake of community merchants identification. This will ease cardholder shop at the participating merchants.


Benefits to merchants:-
  1. Service Centre
  • Sell prepaid
  • Pay bill services
  • Games pin
  • payment / collection centre
  • Tap to pay service
  • top up Ezeelink card
  • Sell Ezeelink multipurpose card
  • Online reporting


B. Membership related questions
C. Loyalty and Payment Card related questions
D. Loyalty Point related questions
E. Coupon related questions
F. Admin related questions

Ezeelink Voucher,Coupon Terminal

1. What if the Community Merchant wants to have their logo on the EzeeLink card?
A Community Merchants are allowed to have their Company Logo printed alongside that of the Program Owner in order to have relevance and association to the community loyalty program. Minimum order is 300 cards.

2. How much does a community merchant have to pay to join the programr?

  • Registration fee for Merchant: RM1500
  • Refundable Deposit for EzeeLink Terminal: RM500 per Terminal.
  • 500 cards X RM3.00 = RM1500
  • Total = RM3500

3. How much a community merchant does have to pay to maintain the EzeeLink Voucher Terminal?
A small amount of RM138 with the minimum period of 24 months in order to keep the Terminal running includes Data line, warranty & rental.

4. What if the merchant like to terminate before 24 months?
The deposit shall be deducted from the outstanding commitment fee.

5. How does a community merchant benefit from joining the Loyalty program?
By joining the program, community merchant have instant access to combined customer base of all community merchants, merchant can also promote to the group via online shopping and online e-coupon.

6. How can this program promote my shop & my business?
You can display products & services in the online community website, sell your product & services via coupon. Community Loyalty Program will bring you more customers.

7. Who promote the loyalty card?
Every Merchant in the community can promote Loyalty & Payment Card to their own customers. Any Community Merchant that activates a new Member gets activation loyalty payment for life.

8. What services can I provide with EzeeLink Terminal to generate revenue?
With EzeeLink Terminal, you can provide paybill service, selling prepaid cards & even help members to topup their Loyalty & Payment Card, you can make profit out from all these services.

9. When I have problems or issues, who should I contact?
SMS to MM gateway: HELP#<your feedback>

10. Can a community merchant join 2 different Loyalty program?

B. Membership Related Questions

1. Do members need to renew his membership?
This is a life time membership; there is no need to renew the membership. You only pay once to activate your membership.

 C. Loyalty & Payment Card Related Question

1. What should a Member do, if he loses his Loyalty & Payment card?
Member must Call 03-2617 2799 as soon as he can, then go to any nearest community merchant to get a new card and sms to register again, all existing points & money will be transferred to the new card.

2. How much does a member pay for the replacement of card?
Pay RM5.00 to get a replacement card. Go to the nearest community merchant outlet to get it done.

3. Can I have a sub-card?
You can have as many sub-cards as you want.

4. Can I transfer my points?
Yes, you can transfer online.

5. How much I have to pay, if I transfer points?
RM0.10 per transfer

6. Is there an expiry date for my Loyalty point?
No expiry, you can keep your points as long as you like. But if your card is not active for a year, your membership will be terminated.

7. Where can I topup my card?
You can topup your card at any EzeeLink Service Center or at community website.

8. When customers topup their Cards online, is there any benefit?
Customer will be rewarded with 8 points for every Ringgit topup.

9. Any charges if I topup my card at the community merchant outlets?
No charges.

10. How do I check my card balance & points?
Use your hp to call 03-2617 2722, we will sms your balance & points, each time we charge 5 sen.

11. Can I stop payment, if lose my card?
Call 03-2617 2799 as soon as you can. Your card will be deactivated after you call.

12. If I found my lost card, can I use back?
No. It’s easier to just to get a new one.

13. If I change or lose my hp, what do I need to do?
Fax a copy of your IC & a letter of request to 03-8070 9516. Admin fee of RM10 will be charged.

14. Can I transfer the money in my card to banks?
Yes, you can visit community website to get it done.

D. Loyalty Point Related Questions

1. How does the community merchant pay for the point he issued to their customers?
Before a community can issue loyalty point, he must have sufficient fund in his Merchant Account, each time a point is issued, Mobile Money M will deduct from his Merchant Wallet.

2. Is there a service charge for issuing of point?
30% on value of points issued.

3. What is the value of loyalty point?
1 point = 0.1sen (10points = 1 sen, 100points = 10sen, 1,000points = RM1)

4. Can a customer redeem points from any participating Community Merchant outlet?

5. Any charge to Merchant during redemption?

6. Any charge to Member during redemption?

7. How soon does the Community Merchant receive payment after the redemption?
Immediately after the redemption.

E. Coupon Related Questions

1. Who design the coupon for me?
You can get your own designer. But you must follow the given specifications for your coupon design.

2. How do I list my coupon?
You are given a web access to list your coupon online.

3. When do I get paid when a coupon is sold?
Upon redemption or upon coupon expiry

4. How does a customer redeem his coupon?
TAP card on terminal during redemption.

5. Does the customer need to print the coupon?
No, just TAP your Loyalty & Payment Card at merchant terminal to redeem.

6. How does a customer purchase coupons?
At community online shop, pay with EzeeLink Loyalty & Payment card

7. Can customer pay for coupon without Ezeelink Loyalty & Payment card?

8. Can a Merchant set an expiry time for coupon?
Yes, it is a must, this is due to uncertainty that the product & services price may go up.

9. What type of conditions can a merchant set for coupons?
We provide an empty space for your T&C up to the Coupon seller to specify the conditions.

F. Admin related questions

1. How do I know my community merchant’s performance?
We will provide 2 reports:
– New member activated by each community merchant outlet.
– How much points each community merchant outlet has issued & redeemed.

2. As a community merchant, do I know who my members are?

3. Can I send sms to my members for marketing purpose?
Any SMS broadcast must adhere to MCMC guidelines.

Ezeelink Top Up,Bill Payment And Send Money Terminal

1.RM500 Deposit – contract 2 years  ( refundable after contract )
2.RM500 Registration service centre ( Non refundable )
3.RM30   GST 6%
Total = RM1030
RM1.35 daily charges – for terminal warranty and internet access

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