Mobile Marketing

Colleges can utilize the informative power of our SMS Platform to improve their communication with students. For instance, educators can send messages to their classes to inform them about changed schedules, or about special events related to the educational process.

Students can also participate in votings and polls using the Mobile SMS Marketing system.

Churches can now update, announce, invite and communicate when they want and how they want to using text message alerts!

Getting your message out is important… Having your message read is very important.

Imagine sending out a group text to your congregation on Sunday at 6pm, it would read something similar to:

Church Text Alert:
Tomorrow starts our New study. Service times 8 and 9:30 Bring a friend!

An email message has about a 10% chance of being read, while your text blast will be read by over 90% of the recipients in the first 30 minutes!

A great way to contact all of your groups – your message will be read when sent via text!

Reduce NO SHOW Rates!

How do you remind your patients of their appointment? By postcard? By phone call? By e-mail?

Remind your patients by text message! Over 90% of all text messages are read within the first 30 minutes. By sending a text message reminder, you are almost assuring that your patient is being reminded of their appointment. No more costly postcards or time consuming phone calls.

Our Text Message Marketing Platform allows you to send a text message to an individual phone number and it also allows you to schedule a date and time that you want a text message to be sent.

The SMS Marketing platform is a perfect solution for your restaurant business since it allows for a time-sensitive information delivery. With real-time text messaging promotions you can greatly increase business during slower days. For example, you can remind your customers about your lunch special and offer %30 off. This message can be sent right before lunch time.

Be sure to always provide a convincing reason in the form of special discounts for the clients to subscribe. It is important that they sense the individual feel of your services in every single message sent to their phones.

Sample advertising message (displayed on table stands, on receipts or on printed promotional cards given to clients):

Enjoy your dining experience? Join our club of valued customers to receive updates and discounts on tasty lunch specials. Send SAVE to number 36660 from your cell phone and get a %30 discount on your next entry!

Example: “Join our text club to qualify to win a free 2 hour massage”

Imagine how many of your current and potential customers would want to win a free 2 hour massage. They would all text in, one person would win and now you have a large database to market to with a message similar to:

ABC Spa Text Alert: Show this textrisk-free-starburst
For 20% off your next service.

If you inform your customers of your specials and information via text message, your message will be seen!

Reduce NO SHOW rates!


FF.STORE:Top quality Mediterranean olives now available at our store! Visit us for a real gourmet adventure and get the best olives at promotional prices! Virgin Olive oil for RM5 per bottle!

FF.STORE:Happy Holiday! As a special customer you get 15% off on bakery items with this message.

3 Way SMS System – Product Price – RM488.00

  • Send SMS/MMS
  • 3 Way SMS – Customer Text In + Auto Reply + SMS To Person Incharge
  • 2D Barcode SMS – Delivery Mobile Voucher



SMS RESELLER SYSTEM is a form of web hosting service where user’s may send single/bulk sms via web interface. The term ‘Reseller’ in this product scope means you are able to create unlimited customer account to use the sms system under private labeled environment. It means you can sell this service to your client’s at your own pricing. This is generally the most economical option for sending sms regardless whether it’s for personal usage or marketing campaign. Our SMS Gateway integrated to user-friendly web interface where the user may manage sms campaign, contact’s, sms scheduler, and view reports.

Administrative features:

Complete Customer Administration function
Approve/Suspend Users
Create SMS Packages
Allocate Credits
Message Reports
Clients Accounts Status
Board Statistics

SMS Reseller system & Private Label Website Setup Charges RM2888.00(one time payment only)

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