Our Gst Solution

What is GST?

1. Input Tax (Buying)

You Buy RM100.00 of Goods,
Pay RM6.00 of GST to Supplier according to GST Tax Code

2. Output Tax (Selling)

You Sell RM200.00 to customer.
You collect RM12.00 of GST according to GST Tax Code.

3. GST payment to Kastam

RM12.00 – RM6.00 = RM6.00
(GST collected – GST paid)
* You DO NOT need an accounting or computer system to calculate GST & to generate GST-03 Form if you have only a handful of transactions a month.

The 2 requirements for GST are:
1. GST-03 Form
2. GAF (GST Audit File)

How TrackSol help you comply GST?
1. Tracksol email GST-03 Form & GAF file to you quarterly.
2. You print & submit GST-03 Form together with your payment to Kastam.
3. Tracksol keeps records of all the transactions for 7 years.

What is Tracksol Mobile Pos System?

Tracksol provides real time visibility for restaurant & foodcourts, retail outlets, factories, warehouses, stores, distributions, service industries & others. With paperless real time monitoring & visibility, it’s a tool that can solve your business headaches by providing real time operation visibility, increased productivity, improve planing, reduced wastage, leakages and pilferages, as well as eliminate cash handling. It comes with real time web reporting for all transactions as well as daily email trend reporting.

Tracksol Benefits :

  • Pay as you use, no heavy upfront commitment.
  • On going blind audit , daily variance report with alerts.
  • No paper work. No mistakes and no delays.
  • No need many support staff, such as clerks & IT personnel.
  • Real time accurate inventory, and monitoring of goods with expiry.
  • Free upgrades.
  • No more tedious calculation of commission or incentives.
  • Easy to implement and operate.
  • Can start from any part of your operation.
  • Alerts, and close loop follow up to reduce issues related to forgetfulness.
  • Prompt support from our partners at all time.
  • Daily email trend reporting.
  • Offline & online mobile pos terminal – No worry about internet connection

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