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SMS Marketing – Important Strategy for Businesses

Selling or marketing an idea, concept, product or service requires quite a lot of ingenuity. As a matter of fact, it is quite difficult to convince others with one particular point of view. Consequently, sellers of products and services are grateful for all the innovative and effective marketing strategies that are being made available to them. The concept of SMS marketing falls in this category. One could go to the extent of calling it a phenomenon – a sure-shot way of reaching a wide-spread base of customers.

More and more companies are using this platform to reach out to their chosen set of customers and buyers. It is quite convenient and cost effective to send an SMS – one that acquaints the users with firms offering new products and services. One could reach a customer and make a connection with him through such messages.

Another factor that goes in favour of SMS text messaging is its delivery in “real time.” As we all know, in sms messaging service, one does not have to wait for eternity to convey one’s thoughts to others.

Messages are not impersonal. Consequently, web based sms marketing and sms text messaging go a long way in building strong customer relationships. The end users are moved by the fact that the brands that they are subscribing to have an interest in them other than a purely business one. The sms gateway could be used by companies to send ring tones, logos, scheduling information, as well as news and updates to its customer base.

Certain guidelines need to be followed though. The SMS messages should be interesting to read and should also contain some information that the end users could use. Moreover, it is better to take the permission of users before sending them sms text messages. In addition, end users should have the option to opt out, if they want to.

To conclude, it can be said that SMS messaging service is a great tool that is at the disposal of companies. They can use this service to reach end users & consumers and establish their brand values in the consumer psyche.

SMS Marketing Strategy

Promotions and advertisements are the most crucial things in your business strategy. If you ignore these things you can not make your customers aware of your products and business. You have to be stay connected with your customers and consumers in order to update them to sell your products. Moreover, if you cannot make your customers know about your business and make them aware of the newest launches how could they probably know what you are offering. Therefore it is quite necessary to adopt better marketing techniques so that you can communicate with the customers and let them know about your latest offers.

Zeroing in on this marketing basic all the business houses keep inventing new and trendy and catchy way of advertising their very products for exclusively their customers. In this world of competition you have to stay ahead and focused on your business matters. Unable to match this you will see nothing of profit and business at the end of the day. Many new tactics have been invented to promote advertisements. SMS marketing is one of the newest marketing methods of world. It is now favored by most of the companies because of its low cost and less time consuming factor. For mainly two reasons many companies have included this medium in their list of medium of advertising. No surprising is the matter that many reputed and high profile companies now prefer this SMS marketing.

The SMS marketing is considered as the most favored technique by most of the companies and it is better than telephonic conversation and also Email marketing. It is better than telephonic conversation as the sales agent doe not have to spend a lot of time to make the customer understand what he is willing to make him understand. This is often found to be resulting in disturbing the customer. It may be that the time the sales person calls the customer; he may not have the time to pay attention to him. Therefore if the SMS marketing technique is used the company can send a message about the latest offers and the newest launches directly to the customerandrsquo;s mobile and he may read it whenever gets enough time. And as SMS is considered as spam free communication there is no chance unlike email marketing in which the mail sent by the company often land in the customerandrsquo;s junk mailbox. And therefore because of these reasons the SMS marketing is considered as the best and the cheapest marketing technique in the present day context.

Not only this, SMS marketing strategy has another very important and useful matter which can help the purpose of the user very much. This is the form of Bulk Short Message Service. The Bulk SMS service is a very useful thing for every company. There are also several advantages of it. In the first case the company can easily issue immediate alerts to their employees about the emergencies and critical situations. . It is also useful in delivering any updates or messages to roaming employees, such as sales people or technicians on the road.

Effective SMS strategies to hook your client

By: Lindsey Graham
A recent study by Upstream has revealed insight into the business world of short message service effectiveness.

While SMS is generally thought of as a text messaging service among friends and family, the practice is becoming more common among companies as a way to attract clients. Although a company may use location-, time- and lifestyle-based SMS marketing strategies, Upstream notes that consumers prefer personalized messages.

Of the 2,000 people that were surveyed, approximately 60 percent preferred personalized messages, the study claims.

“Comparing the importance of personalization versus location in receiving mobile ads is especially interesting, given the hype around location-based players such as foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, Facebook Places or even Google+ with its Latitude check-ins,” Assaf Baciu, senior vice president at Upstream, said. “While location remains an important factor in delivering mobile ads, tailoring interactions via mobile to consumers’ ‘tastes and interests’ clearly presents much greater potential for driving higher response and conversion rates.”

For businesses that have been or are beginning to integrate SMS into their marketing strategy, this study may serve as a guide.