Selling online

Once upon a time, setting up a business meant opening up a shop somewhere where you could be sure that customers would come to see you. You needed to order stock and keep the shop tidy, well-heated or ventilated, and you needed to always be there. All of this meant that starting to sell would be preceded by weeks, even months of extremely diligent work, and with no guarantee of success anyone looking to set up a business would often decide that, on balance, the risk was too big. Now those problems are things of the past, and the potential businessperson can get things up and running very quickly.

The thing about “bricks and mortar” businesses is that they relied a lot on location and the other factors mentioned above. By going electronic, your sales room can be a small study under your stairs and your customers can be anybody. There is plenty of technology available which allows you to process payments electronically from a customer’s credit card or online banking facility. But even if you are not in a position to do this, you can set up a PayPal account and do your selling on eBay. Scarcely any initial outlay for you, and potential for the money to come flowing in with scarcely any delay. And now you can do business in your pajamas at 1.30am. so many of the obstacles to someone hoping to make a way in the business world have been removed, and it is all thanks to the Internet.

How to Sell Products Online ?

How to sell online? How to sell products online and make money on the internet? Here we will guide and give you some information and guidelines on how someone or anyone can run a profitable online internet business and sell their own products online. You can sell any of your own products online from a big product to a tiny product such as your car, house, land, book, ebook, software, photos, music, art or selling any stuff online.

Basically, you have 2 options to make money online, whether to sell your own products online or sell other people products online. Before you begin to sell any product online, the information and guidelines on this site are important for you to obtain all the facts about how to sell products online, sell online and make money on the internet. Starting your online internet business and sell products online is easy, but you have to realize that promoting your web site to drive traffics and sales is not easy as starting online internet business and sell your products online unless you follow the guidelines… I’ll tell you later.


Step 1: Computer and Internet Connection

A computer provided with internet connection is an essential. Selling any products on the internet you need to have a computer or laptop and internet connection. Without these facilities, it is hard to sell products online unless you are willing to pay few dollars to surf the internet in the cyber cafe or internet cafe nearer to you.


Step 2: Domain Name

How to sell products online? In fact, to start your online internet business, sell products online and make money on the internet you need to register your own domain name. Domain name is the virtual name for the specific internet web site address.You can pick any unregistered domain name or buy any domain name that related with your business or products and easy for your visitors to remember. If you are serious about online internet business, sell products online and make you own real money on the internet, you need to gain some respect from your visitors by having your own domain name, but not a free domain name.

Domain Name

Step 3: Web Hosting

If you want to run online internet business and sell products on the internet, then you need a good and cheap web hosting service provider to host your website. Web hosting service provider is the company that will make sure your web site is running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This feature is important to ensure your web site can sell products online and make money on the internet while you are sleeping, then to get their service you might need to pay them on a monthly basis or yearly basis. If you are running online store or sell huge products you need E-Commerce Hosting Service.

Register Web Hosting Package


Step 4: Website

When we talk about how to sell products online or how to sell products on the internet, essentially the web site is a necessity. The web site is the page that people will see when they type in your web site’s URL or domain name. To establish online internet business, sell any product online and try to make real money on the internet, you need to focus about the type of web site you want to build because it has a great impact on the type of web hosting you need. The design and layout of your web site is the next most important part of building a web site. No matter how great your content is or how much money you have spent on the internet for advertising. If your web site looks bad no one will visit and definitely you won’t sell any products on the internet and you can’t make money on the internet.


Step 5: What Product to Sell Online?

What product to sell online? How to sell online and make money on the internet without a product? The simple fact is, when you go into online internet business and try to sell products online for yourself and you want to make real money on the internet, you need to sell something online whether products or services. You can sell downloadable products or sell physical products. For the beginning you should have at least one product to sell online. Ebook is the best products to sell online. Sell online is easy! If you don’t have a product to sell online, you can sell other people products online . Picking up the right product is important for your visitors to ensure they get what they want.

Register Clickbank


Step 6: Merchant Accounts & Credit Cards Processor

How do you accept credit cards payments on the Internet when someone buy your product…? Definitely, to sell products on the internet you need to register with Merchant Account or Credit Cards Processor. Once you registered with them, you can place a simple Merchant Account link or Credit Card Processor link on your web site, then you can start your online internet business and sell products online immediately. Merchant Account or Credit Cards Processor is one of the ecommerce services that allows sellers to conduct business and accept payments on the internet from local and international buyers. Most Credit Cards Processors are free but to get the Merchant accounts service you need to pay them on a monthly basis or yearly basis. For those just starting their online internet business and sell products online, you are recommended to choose Credit Cards Processor to accept credit cards payment on the internet such as PayPal for the Merchant Account. PayPal will take the orders for you and then send your money directly to your bank account. You simply can’t compete if you don’t accept credit cards on your web site.

Register PayPal



1. 汽车经销商为车主提供汽车日常保养知识、促销信息、提车提醒、车保信息、售后服务优惠信息告知。

2. 房地产公司发布售楼信息。

3. 酒店宾馆到达问候、欢送问候、住店其间商务信息发布、温馨提醒、生日问候、节假日问候、优惠信息告知、受理定房、建议、有奖销售等。

4. 旅游公司发布旅游线路信息、报价等广告、到达问候、欢送告别语、在旅途中给客户发送天气预报,让他们注意天气变化,随时随地传递温馨提示与问候,让他们感觉贵公司与众不同。

5. 销售或服务的促销及公关活动。将公司促销及公关活动的内容以短信的形式发送到用户的手机上可以达到事半功倍的效果。同时还可以发布商店会员通知,进行客户回访,内部员工通知,供应商通知等。

6. 开业庆典。公司开业时需要大规模、全方位的宣传。短信可成为一支广告宣传的轻骑兵。

7. 企业形象宣传。在节日时发送一段文字祝福,例如新年、端午、中秋节等节日。

8. 电子优惠券。先发送一条信息到用户手机上,用户收到短信后可以凭此短信享受购物或服务优惠,享受优惠后,店方可将此短信删除,让用户凭手机短信享受折扣优惠,从而达到刺激消费的目的。

9. 通知客户已到新产品或有新服务,节假日促销活动等广告信息传播。

10. 短信祝福,给客户、员工、合作伙伴、朋友发送节日、生日祝福短信。

11. 跟进中的客户沟通短信,风趣幽默的短信能拉近彼此间距离,创造更多的接触机会。

12. 商场、超市、供货商促销信息群发、商品到货信息通知、缺货订货消息发布、将商场折扣、优惠。

13. 联谊活动通告等消息发送到每个会员。

14. 各类通知、活动、娱乐活动等信息的辅助提醒。

15. 服务相关小知识短信介绍,例如餐馆可进行新菜式、特色菜、时令菜介绍以满足广大食客的尝鲜心态,避免客户流失。

16. 现场抽奖:客人发送短信有机会获得价格优惠,或者赠送特色菜。既提高客人兴致,也可借此获得大量客户手机号,成为未来宣传服务的目标。



1. 房产行业商务短信广告
例:经典楼盘——亮丽明珠山庄,现正公开低价发售,凡凭此条短信至X年X月X日之前至发售现场订购,将获赠第一年全年 物业管理费,前50名再加送名牌1马力冷气机一台,机会不容错过。询问电话:XXXX

2. 旅游景点商务短信广告

3. 零售商业商务短信广告

4. 酒楼/排挡商务短信广告
例:李总:XX酒楼全体员工预祝您新年快乐,吉祥如意! 并期待与您再聚XX酒楼,共度春节。节日订座热线:XXXXXXX

5. 医院商务短信广告

6. 新品推荐短信广告

7. 唱会商务短信广告

8. 美容院商务短信广告

例:假日化妆及美容课程,附送文凭,教学光盘,美容产品及照片。x月x至x日,电话: xxxxxxx

例:会员回溃大促销:本美容院现在以超值价推出多项美容配套。预约电话: xxxxxxx

例:纤体配套,一个月无限次数以RMxxx,首100位可获得xx%折扣,欲知更多详情,请拨电 xxxxxxxx

例:母亲节大促销:促销日以母亲节当天。电话: xxxxxxxxx

例:绣眉,绣眼线与纹唇.凭此短讯光顾者可获神秘礼物一分,电话: xxxxxxx

例:佳节回馈会员促销配套,古方按摩只需RMxx(原价RMxxx)。欢迎来电 xxxxxxx


例:纤体果汁100%纯天然水果配方,数天实现您梦想身段,喝出减康.欢迎来电 xxxxxxx



例:全新马最大一站式彩妆,护肤,美容,瘦身,水疗服务,电话: xxxxxxxxx

例:快速塑造迷人身段…让你拥有真正的健康…曲线美,联络我们,电话: xxxxxxx

例:一个专为亚洲油性,暗疮,及混合性皮肤而创的完美系列欢迎来电: xxxxxxxx


◆ 客户普遍拥有手机并熟悉短信操作。
◆ 服装行业可以通过该平台管理会员资料,可以通过短信方式给会员贴心的关怀。
◆ 服装行业可以通过短信与会员进行互动,从而让会员更方便、快捷地享受会员的服务。
◆ 服装行业可以通过短信对目标客户进行短信营销。
◆ 服装行业和会员在使用短信平台时,短信服务成本比较的低廉。

【案例分析】 顾客MR Tan,最近买了一件XX店的衬衣,他现在成了XX店的大喇叭(顾客介绍顾客),为什么?

下面是XX店发给MR Tan的其中一条短信:
MR Tan:您好,感谢您选择XX店的衬衣,为了使您的衣物长久如新,请注意洗衣四忌: 1忌久泡,2忌洗衣粉过量,3忌洗衣过程中续添洗衣粉,4忌肥皂、洗衣粉混用—YES!XX店。

MR Tan!送你一件外套,前面是平安,后面是幸福,吉祥是领子,如意是袖子,快乐是扣子,口袋里满是温暖,穿上吧.让它相伴你快乐度过情人节!

每个月,MR Tan都会收到1条来自XX店的短信,有衬衣洗涤保养常识、领带打法、服饰搭配,另外了解到MR Tan喜欢学习,XX店还会发送一些关于世界或国内培训大师的开课行程的短信。


此时你设想一下,你赚的不单只是顾客和财富,而是一套开发顾客的赚钱模式!真正强悍的营销天才会这样做测试!其实顾客维护并不难,只是没找到很好的工 具和方式,顾客在乎的也许不是产品本身的价值有多大,而是一种时常被人惦记的感觉。很多时候,可能就是一条温馨的短信而己。只是您有没有一如继往、坚持不 懈地做下去。

How and What to Sell Online

1) Look at your hobbies and interests. If you like doing something, chances are, you’ll be an expert on the type of products to buy. And, if you know what and how to buy these things, then you’ll be the best salesperson for those products too.

Many businesses begin this way. Scrapbookers who end up with too many products decide to sell (or make) their own. Pet owners who’re looking for the best products for their beloved animals end up knowing how and where to source these items.

2) Look around your home. Are there things that you still need? Maybe you can part with some items and sell them online? Check your garage, your attic, your basement… See what’s been in storage. Are they still in good condition? Then maybe someone else might want them.

3) Make your own products. Write an ebook. Put together a workshop. Design a product. Create an item. Then, sell, sell, sell!

4) Check your contacts’ interests, homes, and products. Maybe you have a partner, friend or relative who can point you towards the right direction. Do they make things that are salable but they’re only interested in making, not selling? Maybe you can sell for them!

5) Be on top of trends. If a movie or book is coming out that’s meant to be really popular, source related products and sell them. Are there big events coming up such as the Olympics, the World Cup, etc? Try to get products that are related to those events and be one of the first to offer them for sale. Or, come up something unique and not easy to obtain.

Hopefully, with these suggestions/ideas, you’ll be on your way to making  money online through selling.

Promotion is Important

There have been people – many people – who have set up a website for their business and sat back expecting it to become lucrative immediately. While the Internet has made business a lot easier for the individual with the intellectual capital to make it happen, there is little scope for making money without investing time and effort. However, compared to setting up a High Street business, the Internet can deliver results for a relatively small outlay on your behalf. An advertising budget makes things easier – no-one would ever deny that – but it is certainly not essential. A bit of time and awareness will also bear results.

The Internet is crawling with forums and message boards. For just about any topic of conversation you can imagine, there will be at least a few message boards on the Internet, each slightly different in the way they look at the subject. Certainly, there will be a message board that discusses things that have a connection with your business. By registering on these forums, you can make your business known to a receptive audience. Many forums have anti-spam measures that prevent you from posting irrelevant content or linking without context, but there are no reasons why you cannot link to your business in the signature box that most allow beneath posts.

Depending on the nature of your business, the possibilities for promotion on the Internet are many and varied, and they make for a real opportunity to drive your business forward, usually at no extra cost to yourself.

How are Businesses Using SMS Marketing to Boost Sales?

So you’ve heard a lot about sms marketing, but how can your business use this mobile marketing medium to boost your sales. We’ve examined a few case studies for you to show how some of the world’s largest companies are using text message marketing to build their business.

Hilton Uses SMS With Success

The Hilton Hotel group has successfully used SMS messaging to increase guest numbers to its hotels and build customer loyalty.

The hotel sent out important marketing messages such as on-site specials and promotions directly to its members’ mobile handsets.  SMS allowed the hotel to get the messages out instantly and at the most appropriate time of day.

The use of SMS as a direct marketing tool resulted in a 10-25% increase in offer redemptions sent out by the hotel and proved to be an integral part its direct marketing and loyalty strategy.



Pepsi Co. SMS Super Bowl Promotion

In the run up to the 2007 Super Bowl, Pepsi unveiled 15 new can designs and created a range of promotions as part of a major new branding initiative.  Its Super Can contest gave fans the chance to win Super Bowl tickets for life and a jewel-encrusted can valued at $100,000.  Alongside traditional and online promotions, Pepsi also became the latest brand to deploy a mobile advertising program on the Sprint Mobile Media Network, and one of the first to incorporate video into its campaign.


Expand the promotion of its Super Can contest
Increase awareness of the 15 new Pepsi can designs
Drive traffic to its mobile web site
Increase video and wallpaper downloads

Pepsi was able to cut through the noise around the Super Bowl as the exclusive advertiser on the Sprint Mobile Media Network’s homepage in the days leading up to the big game.  And, as a result, drove consumers from four different banner display ads to Pepsi’s branded mobile web site, where consumers engaged in a variety of actions.

Pepsi enabled users to download a custom wallpaper of the “blinged-out” Pepsi can, click to see the video spots featuring the new Pepsi can designs, and click through to Sprint Power View — the only made-for-mobile video programming network in the United States with original sports and entertainment shows — where they could view live Super Bowl video clips, sponsored by Pepsi.


9 million impressions
An average click through rate of 4.5 percent, with the most popular creative achieving an 11.5 percent average
175,000 Pepsi wallpaper downloads

The program was one the first to integrate several engagement mechanics, including content downloads, click-to-view a video ad, and click to see a live TV broadcast.  At a time when advertisers are vying for consumers’ attention across multiple media channels, Pepsi built awareness and engagement for a major marketing initiative using the Sprint Mobile Media Network – leaving a lasting impression with the 175,000 people that now see the Pepsi wallpaper every time they look at their Sprint mobile phone.

Source: Mobile Marketing Association


Dunkin Donuts SMS Text Message Campaign


Entice trial of Dunkin’ Donuts hot lattes to high school/college age students in the Boston area
Drive in-store redemption of $0.99 small hot latte mobile coupon in month of October

The SMS offer was sent to 7,500 targeted opt-ins.  Boston radio DJ’s invited participation; “text in to DD-123” each Thursday morning.  In addition, 400,000 Mobile Internet (WAP) ads ran in Boston targeted content.  Over 1,000 Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners and workers were educated with marketing materials about how to help consumers redeem the SMS coupons.


The targeted WAP and SMS messaging coupled with radio created a 21 percent increase in store traffic and redemption of the mobile coupon.  The SMS message promoted the viral element of the coupon.  This proved to be a very beneficial aspect of the campaign, in that 17 percent of participants forwarded or showed the message to a friend.  In the research subsequent to the campaign, 35 percent considered themselves more likely to buy lattes and coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Source: Mobile Marketing Association

5 Tips to increase sales with SMS Marketing

Having been in the business for over a decade now, we have seen just about every type of Bulk SMS Marketing strategy, with varying levels of success. The one common denominator between all the strategies employed is that companies who embrace this relatively new (for businesses anyway) communication channel is that they are almost always successful.

Often the first thought when people hear, “business text messaging” is, OH NO, you’re not going to be one of those spammers are you!?
True, in the past Bulk SMS for businesses usually consisted of getting a big list of mobile numbers and sending them all a spam SMS message! Nowadays though, the law and the savvy UK customer has caught up with these rogue companies and they are virtually non-existent.

In fact, here are some recent “Business Texting Fast Facts”

  • 65% of people send business text messages from their mobile phone on a daily basis
  • 50% of people receive business text messages from a member of their team/ department/ office
  • 47% of people receive business text messages from a colleague
  • 36% receive business text messages from a customer or client
  • 71% of people use business texts for setting ‘reminders of meetings and appointments’
  • 18% of people used business texts for ‘notifying people about new meetings and appointments’
  • 14% of people use business text for ‘chasing up suppliers or new orders’
  • A third of respondents (36%) said that they receive text messages from a customer or client
  • 11% of people receive text messages from suppliers.

So, what are the most effective ways to gain increased sales using Bulk SMS?

In reverse order of success rating;

Number 5
Start a text club. Allow people to text in to a keyword to receive special offers from you by text message.

Number 4
Keep a customer informed during the order process. Text them when you have received the order, when payment has been taken & when it has been despatched with a delivery time estimate. This has been proven to dramatically increase repeat orders and positive word of mouth.

Number 3
Text enable your adevrtising. Allow people to respond by texting you. On average around half of respondents will choose to do so if you include a text response on your advertising and often those people wouldn’t have responded so you increase response rates.

Number 2
Text lapsed customers. Try to get a list of customers from your database who haven’t bought for X months and text them out an offer to encourage them back to you. So long as they had a good experience last time, this is one of the fastest ways to gain new sales.

And, in at Number 1 …..
Follow up your sales. Customers like nothing more than to be assured they have made the right choice buying from you. Text them X days after the sale thanking them for their business and offering a number to call if they need any help or anything further. We have seen this increase recall rates, increase repeat purchase and hugely increase positive word of mouth amongst peer groups – essentially free advertising!